Holiday Gift Guide for Wisconsin Shoppers | Top Gifts for Car Lovers

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From detailed lists to simple hints, many Wisconsinites make their holiday wishes known this time of the year. It's no different for the car lovers in your life. While it's unlikely you'll be dropping a new Tesla Roadster in anyone's stocking this year, there are plenty of other auto-related gifts sure to make your special drivers' holidays merry and bright.

Here are five of 199ride’s top picks for the car lover in your life this holiday season.

High Performance Car Ice Scraper for Wisconsin Winters

As every Wisco native knows, winters in the state are brutally icy and cold. Don't let car lovers spend any more time than they have to scraping ice from their ride. This year, upgrade your boyfriend’s convenience-store-grade ice scraper to one with more substance; for around $30, you can score a durable, high-end scraper that'll finish the job quicker than you can say "frozen fingers."

Winter Driving Gloves

If the idea of driving gloves seems a little posh, you're right: they were invented to give early race car drivers (and Daddy Warbucks types) a better grip on wooden steering wheels. That's a good thing—make your significant other feel like a million bucks with a set of winter driving gloves this year. While they probably won't be entering any races, you can bet they'll feel pampered (and keep their hands warm, too).

Auto Detailing Gift Card

You know it, and we know it: those old French fries stuck between the driver's seat and the center console aren't going to remove themselves. Buy your car lover a gift certificate for an auto detailing service, and watch their ride go from "Ow" to "Wow!"

Don’t forget to throw in some air fresheners for you sister, mom, or daughter as a stocking stuffer!

Car Phone Mount

Keep your driver's eyes where they belong—on the road—with a car phone mount. If you haven't checked out mounts in a while, you might be surprised; today's mounts have a lot of features that their predecessors lacked. From wireless charging capabilities to slim profiles and adjustable grips, a new car mount is invaluable for drivers who rely on their phones to get where they’re going.

Automatic Car Start for Wisconsin Winters

Give your husband or wife the ultimate gift of an automatic car starter to stay cozy, warm this winter. Automatic car starters can be added to vehicles if they do not already come with the functionality. Automatic car starters not only help to heat up the car before your significant other begins driving, they can help defrost the ice on the windshield while the car warms up.

Bonus: Roadside Assistance

It's something no one thinks they need—that is until they do, usually on a dark, cold night in a remote area. Roadside assistance programs don't have the attractiveness of other automotive gifts, but signing your parents or kids up for one of these programs can be a lifesaver. Call it insurance you can set and forget (until, of course, you get a flat on a lonely country road). A year-long subscription could make all the difference in your driver's life.

As temperatures dip and frost appears, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable vehicle. 199ride can help you and your family enjoy the Wisconsin holiday in comfort, warmth, and style. Thinking of a Nicer, Newer™ car, truck, or SUV this winter? Our knowledgeable experts can put you in a worry-free, low-maintenance vehicle that’s perfect for you and your budget.

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