199ride’s 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied on Long Road Trips

Road trips can be a lot of fun, but backseat boredom can turn any dream vacation into a nightmare. Before you put your car in drive for that long-distance family excursion, be sure to check out our list of tips to maintain your sanity and have a fun, worry-free road trip your entire family will…

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199ride – Women Need to Know About Buying a Used Car

| Car Buying Tips

If you’re a woman who has walked into a Wisconsin used car dealership or onto a used car lot and felt disrespected or even deceived, you may not be imagining things. If you’ve purchased a car and left feeling like it wasn’t a positive experience, there could be a very good reason. Are women really…

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199ride’s Five Simple Ways to Save Money on Gas

| Saving Money

Wouldn’t it be great to spend less time at the gas pump and save more than 20% on fuel costs? It’s achievable and it’s easier than you think! That’s why 199ride put together these five simple steps, so you can save gallons of gas, trips to the gas station and money in your wallet. 1….

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