Wisconsin Fuel Rewards Programs from Operation 40K & 199ride

| Saving Money

You may be frustrated that there are rarely coupons or discounts for one of life’s most pricey necessities – fuel for your vehicle. But, there is a way to save on fuel, after all. Many gas stations and convenience stores offer fuel rewards programs to save you money at the pump. Here is your 199ride list…

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Date Night Ideas from Great Big Globe & 199ride

| Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day may come once a year (thankfully, right?), but you can whip up some romance throughout Wisconsin all year round. Here are five date-friendly destinations to consider that put the “fun” back in your relationship. Just pick up your date in your reliable vehicle, select some soothing music, and open your heart to a…

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5 Credit Tips for the Holidays from Operation 40K and 199ride

| Car Buying Tips

If you’re one of the many Americans preparing to open and swipe your credit cards while shopping this holiday season, take a look at our top five credit tips that your bank account will thank you for after the season of spending winds down. Read the full article here:

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Easy Care Tips for Used Cars from Buzzfeed & 199ride

| Used Car Care Tips

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it … right? Wrong. When it comes to your vehicle, routine car care is vital. Some of the simplest tasks can go a long way when it comes to your used car’s total health and longevity.  Read the full article here:

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