We are a Dealer for the People. That means we put our customers first, before everything else. We believe that everyone deserves to drive a nicer, newer, worry-free guaranteed car, today. Our business is finding solutions to the everyday problems that keep most people stuck in a car they hate.

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Nicer, Newer™, Worry-Free Guaranteed Used Cars, Trucks and SUVs

We’re on a mission to change Wisconsin by helping people get the car they want and deserve. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor in the process, specializing in helping people find, qualify for, and own the vehicle of their dreams with little or no money down … even with less than perfect credit.

Rave Reviews

“Before I visited Appleton Auto I felt anxious, but after finding my car I felt content. I was nervous about breaks, windsheild, mirrors, and the battery. Appleton Auto over came that by giving me a price cut and winsheild, mirror, battery repair!”

Bradley Veatch – Appleton, WI

“Before I visited Appleton Auto I felt fine, but a wee bit down. After I found my car I felt satisfied and excited! It’s an awesome car for a really good deal. It was a good experience from the start. They have good presence and good intuition.”

Joan M Dorin – Appleton, WI

“The car I had wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted something to suit my personality better. But I was worried that our financial past would compromise our ability to get a nice car. Green Bay Auto offered me a great car at a low price. I finally feel excited to have a nice car that fits me and I can be proud of.”

Julius Acosta – Green Bay, WI

“I was hesitant about buying a car, because I thought my credit wasn’t good enough. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. Green Bay Auto was able to contact different lenders to find the best one who would approve me. It was nice to have options. I am very thankful and excited to drive my new vehicle and feel safe. Especially during these winter months.”

Kelsey Hart – Green Bay, WI